This St Patrick’s Day, we are supporting those going through the same plight that the Irish faced 160 years ago, and showing the world how people can successfully integrate into and enrich their adoptive countries. During the famine, millions of Irish Refugees fled worldwide in search of safe harbor. We are encouraging people around the world to support the many non-profits helping Refugees.

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While we celebrate St Patrick's Day across the world, let’s remember how far we’ve come and the Helping Hands we received in our forebearers time of greatest need...

During the Famine, millions of Irish Refugees fled worldwide. The population in Ireland has never recovered, but there are now over 70 million people of Irish descent living all over the world.

This St Patrick's Day, support those faced with the same decision. You can either donate via the widget, or start your own fundraiser to support those displaced from their countries.

During the Great Famine the population declined from 8 million to 5.5 million. Money raised and donated : Calcutta, £14,000. U.S. President James K. Polk donated $50 and Congressman Abraham Lincoln donated $10. Native American Choctaws collected $170 in 1847, just 16 years after they experienced the “Trail of Tears”

65 million people forced from their homes, including more than 21 million refugees, half of whom are under the age of 18. Nearly 34,000 people have to flee EVERY DAY because of conflict and persecution